Healthy Choices

Looking to fuel your body with a healthy choice while you’re on the go? Check out the nutritious goodness that is Pita Pit NW. Our pitas are full of the most nutritious - and delicious! - ingredients. You do your body a favor every time you grab lunch - or dinner or breakfast - at Pita Pit Northwest.

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Delicious Variety

Our Pita Pit Northwest menu features all of our favorite pita combinations. You can also build your own pita to your liking! Order your pita stuffed full of all the fixings you crave. We offer a full range of meat, cheese, vegan alternatives and, of course, all the veggies you want.

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Pita Pit NW Blog

Trying to cut carbs? Not a problem! We have the perfect solution that allows you to enjoy your favorite pita free of carbohydrate guilt. We call it “Fork Style.”

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